Woman decides she has had enough on a NYC Subway

Dear Engaged Bystander: When faced with a subway flasher, woman decides she is not going to take it anymore

Maybe I am biased by my own experiences.  But unfortunately, I think most women have had someone touch their breasts on a crowded bus, rub their genitals against them in a crowd, or expose themselves in park or other “safe” public space. I think that most of us have been shocked, surprised, and in most cases said nothing.  
I know for me, a man flashed me at age 12 when I was at the beach with my family, at 16 a man touched my breast while I was sleeping on a crowded bus, and finally at 21, when I awoke on a sleeper car in France with a man touching my inner thigh, I sat up, turned on the light and starting yelling (in French) so that others in my sleeping car would understand what was going on. 
A man rubs up against her on the NYC subway with his penis exposed. She starts yelling at him and makes sure that everyone can hear and see what is going on. She clearly takes charge of this situation. And luckily she is not alone. Others in the car take pictures of the situation while she calls 911. When the subway arrives at the next subway stop, the police are waiting to arrest the exhibitionist. The police have a clear case against the man because of the evidence provided by dozens of cell phone pictures taken by other passengers (bystanders) in the subway car.   
To me this is a great example of how the victim made it clear to everyone that this behavior was not OK. I am so glad to say that in this case, other passengers took her lead and helped ensure that the perpetrator was not allowed to continue his behaviors. 
That is a story to give thanks about!
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