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Something exciting is happening this week, and I'd like to pass the proverbial "mic" to an NSVRC colleague whose passion for WEAAD is contagious! Oh, but first - let me fill you in, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day or WEAAD is an awesome campaign that proudly declares: My World...Your World...Our World – Free of Elder Abuse.

If there's anything that SAAM blog isn't shy about, it's highlighting great campaigns that intersect with our goal of creating social change toward a future free of sexual violence. To prevent elder abuse it is vital that we share a message about the value of older adults, bolstering these voices and declaring that #eldersmatter. All ages can join the chorus, and we want you to get involved! Read on to learn more, and stay tuned to NSVRC blogs and social networks all week long to promote WEAAD and resources to end elder abuse. We also invite you to join us for the Elders Matter: The Two Cents Tweet up! Tweet with us all week long and be sure to represent WEAAD on Friday, June 15th! Without further aduei...

Guest Post: Why WEAAD?

When’s the last time you rolled your eyes? Was it because there was another day, week, month devoted to a topic you had only tangential interest in? I mean by this point in your life you’ve had ribbons of every color, days of remembrance of every stripe and have been to more walks, rallies and meetings than are easy to recount. Fact is if you care you can get sucked dry leaving you with little interest in summoning the energy for one more campaign at all.

Thing is, I’ve got another one to add to your list. It’s just a day but we’d love to see you care about this year round. It’s not talk like a pirate day, it’s not national yo-yo day (sorry you missed it) and it’s not national curmudgeon day (the internet is awesome) it’s instead World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD).

So why are we asking you do dig down deep and place June 15th on your calendar? In part it’s because #eldersmatter and we want to hear your stories. It’s also in part because sexual assault in particular can bring about devastating injuries to adults in later life and we need to be focused not just on prevention but also intervention. I think the biggest reason I’m bringing this to your attention is because if we can care about porpoises we should also care about the folks who shaped our society, nurtured our families, protected our shores and built the foundation that even allows this blog to exist. I like pirates, am passable with a yo-yo and I’m clearly a curmudgeon. I get that you’re busy too. I just hope that in your busyness you recognize the people who not only came before and paved the way but also work side by side with you today to end sexual assault 24/7/365

-Benje (Future staff blogger at More than Meets the Eye)


Benje Douglas is the Project Manager for the Lifespan Project at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center. He provides training, resources, and assistance on all aspects of responding to sexual violence throughout life stages. This year’s topic focus is sexual violence in later life. Request additional information and resources by emailing resources@nsvrc.org


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