Wanted: Exceptional Journalism to End Sexual Violence

Raliance has a bold mission to end sexual violence in one generation. This mission asks each of us to commit to changing the conversation about sexual violence, build safer environments, and advance a culture that values equality and respect.

In our annual progress report, we noted journalists play a critical role informing the public on important social justice issues. News outlets set the bar for what constitutes a topic for national attention, making coverage of sexual violence all the more important. News coverage plays a role in shaping perceptions of the causes and solutions to the issue of sexual assault.


The RALLYs: A new contest honoring journalistic achievement in reporting on sexual violence

Raliance recognizes sexual violence is a complex topic for journalists to cover and can be even more difficult for the general public to understand. News coverage on sexual assault and rape often lacks the depth of context connecting specific events with broader social patterns. Responsible and high-impact reporting shows the affect sexual violence has on individuals, families, and communities.

To change the conversation about sexual violence, Raliance will honor media excellence and coverage that highlights the spectrum of sexual violence and range of people affected. This excellence includes coverage that conveys the scope of the problem while also identifying solutions and challenging the notion that these acts are inevitable.

The RALLYs awards honor the highest level of journalistic achievement in covering sexual violence. Raliance invites journalists to submit their entries by March 17, 2017.

RALLY awards categories:

  • Everyday Journalism: honors community coverage of any issue related to sexual violence. This category is for short-form, “beyond the blotter” narrative stories and may include breaking news pieces.
  • Digital Innovation: honors excellence in covering sexual violence through digital tools and/or platforms. These non-narrative entries may include data visualization, infographics, video, photos and/or interactive multimedia packages.
  • Investigative Series: honors a series of stories or broadcasts that thoroughly explores one issue related to sexual violence.
  • Feature Story: honors a narrative feature story or single broadcast on the topic of sexual violence that is not breaking news.


Media Summit

Raliance, in partnership with The Poynter Institute for Media Studies, will present The RALLYs at the Raliance Media Summit on Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at the Kaiser Family Foundation in Washington, D.C. This one-day event will bring together journalists to advance news coverage on sexual assault. To learn more about the event and contest, please visit: www.raliance.org.