Veto Violence

Dear Engaged Bystander: I was talking with a friend who is dealing with bullying issues in the middle school where she works. She sees the issues of bullying and sexual violence as intertwined. It was a welcome reminder that on the ground, all of these issues affect each other.

One resource that I recently reviewed was an online course about dating violence -- Veto Violence. The site may not introduce you to a lot of new ideas or innovative thinking, but it seems to do a great job of covering all of the basics. It also builds upon the assumption that we all have a role in preventing teen dating violence -- WE have a responsibility to change the norms. A perfect bystander story. And the website focuses on a variety of issues that we usually deal with quite separately. For that alone, it is worth looking at how integrated ALL of these issues can be.

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Joan, when I click on your link, it takes me to a window in which a username and password are required. Do you know how to reach the administrator to get that username? Is there a fee associated with this course? Thanks! Jessica