Should the Sex Offender Be Invited?

Dear Engaged Bystander, A friend just sent me a link to a question posed to the NY Times columnist "The Ethicist" titled, "Should the Sex Offender be Invited?"

In this column the writer is organizing her 30th elementary school reunion. One of the people she would invite is a registered sex offender for a sexual offense 13 years ago. What the writer knows is that the sex offender received probation and no record of any other crime. She presents her dilemma: "Should I invite him? Make the event adults only? Inform others of his offense?"

The Ethicist responds: "Do nothing. It's often the best thing." His thinking is based upon good data that most sexual offenders do not reoffend, that the crime was committed many years ago without any recorded re-offense, and that the sentence at the time was fairly light.

Please read the posting and let me know what YOU think. I don't want to bias your response but I promise to post my own reaction tomorrow. In the meantime, I would love to hear what you have to say.

One hint, "Doing nothing" is never a good idea...


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