SANE Course Supplemental Materials

I'm teaching a SANE course this week in Peoria, IL (which, as it turns out. is harder to get to than Italy). In preparing for the week, I decided to catalog and upload all of my supplemental materials for easy access. So over at the forensic healthcare blog, you can now find a page that has all of these materials in one place. They're categorized and linked to either full text (where readily available), abstracts or websites. Keep in mind, these are supplemental materials I use, meant to compliment the course manual in whatever jurisdiction I happen to be teaching. This means that this is not an exhaustive list of educational materials for SANEs, simply additional resources to which I refer as I teach.

Because it's a page on the blog, it's modifiable, so I imagine as people send me new resources they think I might find useful (*hint*) or as I get more current information, the page will change. In the meantime, as you consider other areas of education to which you would like to expose your team, or readings to help enhance clinical competency, I hope you'll check out the page.