SANE Competency & Role Expectations

An issue that often comes up when we discuss SANE program sustainability is getting away from the "any warm body" method of staffing. Really looking instead at competencies and clear communication between program managers and prospective SANEs about the expectations and requirements of the role, so that both parties go into the relationship with open eyes. (You'd be stunned at how many people have told me that they've downplayed the realities of the job for fear of scaring new staff members away--bad strategy, by the way.)

Does your program lay out clear expectations for clinical competency of new and existing SANEs? Is there a formal interview process in order to join the team? Do staff have access to regularly updated policies and procedures that guide practice (and support them on the stand)? If you answered no to any of these, consider the following resources:

General Program Administration:

Clinical Competency Evaluation:

Employment Expectations: