Visionary Voice Award: FAQs

Each year NSVRC partners with state, territory and tribal coalitions to honor individuals across the U.S. with visionary voice awards. These awards are announced every April during SAAM to spotlight the great work happening in communities to prevent sexual violence. The award process is already underway as NSVRC is currently accepting nominations, and I thought this would be a good opportunity to explain more about the awards and answer frequent questions about the awards. 


What is the Visionary Voice Award?

In observance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), the annual Visionary Voice Awards highlight individuals throughout the country whose outstanding prevention work is making a significant impact in their communities. Nominees are selected by state, tribal, or territory anti-sexual violence coalitions and represent a wide-range of individuals working in various professions to end sexual violence and promote safe, healthy communities. 

How are winners selected?

State, territory, and tribal coalitions select an outstanding individual to nominate for the awards each year. Nominees may be partners from a local community or other outstanding individuals that have worked to end sexual violence, but must be nominated by a coalition.

Can I nominate someone I know?

Nominations are submitted to NSVRC by sexual assault coalitions. This partnership allows for NSVRC to support the state and community level work of the anti-sexual violence movement across the country. Generally one winner is selected from each state or territory that submits nominees. If you are interested in recommending an individual for nomination, you can share that recommendation with the coalition in your region. The final decision of who will be nominated for the award is made by the coalition. 

How can I learn more about previous winners?

In 2012, twenty leaders from across the country were honored with this award. To learn about past award winners and how these individuals have made outstanding contributions to sexual violence prevention, visit:
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