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By Laura Palumbo

Laura is Prevention Campaign Specialist at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

Blogger bio: Laura stirs the brewing pot of SAAM ideas contributed by great minds across the anti-sexual violence movement. This blogger is ready to explore all things campaign building to promote prevention and awareness. Teal ribbons to follow.

Blog description: Your source for promoting prevention, building awareness and creating campaigns for change.

In my last post, after taking a moment to fill you in on some behind the scenes planning for Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) 2013, I hinted at sharing some campaign details soon.


The interwebs are just crawling with information about sex. Well, let me rephrase that to there is plenty of sex on the internet. Suffice it to say quantity is no indicator of quality when it comes to the topic of sex and the internet, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people talking about it in helpful, healthy ways.


In the down time since April, we keep-up the conversation about sex, sexuality and preventing violence. But, it doesn’t quite look like this: three days, hundreds of professionals, hours upon hours of talking sex, sex, sex.



Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2012

During April, raised awareness of the prevalence and impact of sexual violence is an opportunity to bolster prevention efforts. This year’s campaign, “It’s time … to talk about it,” focuses on healthy sexuality and encourages communities and individuals to join the conversation in order to prevent sexual violence.



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