Campaigns I’m falling for…

SAAM planning happens all throughout the year, but for the most part this campaign comes to life each Spring through the participation of communities and advocates. That said, you already know how we feel about endless April, and if you ask this blogger – campaigns supporting social change are always in season. With that in mind, let’s explore some October and upcoming campaigns that I’m falling for this fall:


Say No more (or No Mas) during Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Purple is a top-notch color all year long, but in October purple spotlights support for public and prevention education efforts to end domestic violence. DVAM’s mission to mourn, celebrate and connect is bolstered this year by the messaging of No More, a campaign to increase national awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault and to unite the efforts of both movements to end gender-based violence. 


Honor activism and celebrate LGBTQ History Month 

NSVRC and our partners at PCAR are taking advantage of this month to promote our newest information packet: Sexual Violence & Individuals Who Identify as LGBTQ.  In addition to this exciting tool, I’m in love with resources from the Backbone Zone! Campaign which challenge sexist and homophobic attitudes. Maine Coalition Against Sexual Violence and Boys to Men have created a series of messages that help students confront gender-bullying, sexual harassment and the violent words that support violence. To be honest, even this preventioneer feels like I can stand taller with a message like this on my side. 

Get vocal for Let’s Talk About it Month 

Yes, we love talking about healthy sexuality in April, and we plan to again this year. Advocates for Youth’s national education campaign has tools that encourage parent/child communication around sexuality. Campaign materials highlight how communities can be involved in supporting these conversations, and organizations like Planned Parenthood are spotlighting resources for parents to talk with their teens about sex. 
We can’t forget that October is also National Hispanic Heritage Month as well as a time for many awareness-based health observances
It’s a pretty busy month with so many great messages to share, and that’s why these conversations can’t be limited to a 31-day-turnaround. All year long our work is strengthened when we talk about uniting to spread awareness, honor voices from the margins and support open, consistent communication about sex. With the many projects we all balance, keeping up the dialogue can be a challenge, so this fall I hope you’ll find some in-season resources to support your efforts at year-round change.  


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