Campaign Construction Zone

It’s been a busy summer of campaign planning, and the SAAM team at NSVRC is donning teal hard hats as we work on resource development, designing materials and website updates. It’s truly a campaign construction zone over here!

As the campaign comes together piece by piece, it becomes easier to see the complete vision for SAAM 2013. It’s exciting! With the campaign progressing, we are excited to share a few updates:


To represent the SAAM 2013 theme of understanding healthy sexuality as child sexual abuse prevention, the campaign slogan is: It’s time… to talk about it! Talk early, talk often.

This slogan captures what is truly best practice for sharing information about healthy childhood sexual development. It’s important to start the conversation early and keep it up, whether you are talking to your child, educating in your community or reviewing organizational policies and practices.

SAAM campaign materials are also available in Spanish, and it was important for us to hear from Spanish-speaking partners and audiences when translating the campaign slogan. NSVRC’s commitment to language access is supported by our Multilingual Access Project Advisory Committee (MAPA), and this team of Spanish-speaking advocates provided feedback and insight that greatly supported the translation process. This support led us to the slogan: ¡Es hora de hablar! Hablemos a tiempo, hablemos seguido. Prevengamos la violencia sexual.   


Slowly but surely, we are adding up-to-date content for the SAAM websites in English and Spanish. Be sure to click around to see what’s new. Updates include:

The 2013 SAAM day of action
Tuesday, April 2, 2013.

About the SAAM 2013 campaign

SAAM en Español


Each year, SAAM rolls out a set of resources to share information and support understanding around the current campaign theme. For 2013, it has been exciting to draw from our inventory of child sexual abuse prevention resources and revisit this content with a healthy sexuality lens. The direction these resources have taken can be best summed up as an invitation: This April, join the conversation. Start talking about healthy childhood development to prevent child sexual abuse. 

We hope you will join us!

To learn more about upcoming campaign resources and join the SAAM 2013 mailing list, visit:




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