1 Photo, 6 Words. #VetoViolence

Text says use your voice for change #VetoviolenceFinal planning and preparations for #NSAC2014 (less than a week away!) are in full-swing, but I’m here to talk about another exciting opportunity taking place this August. VetoViolence is all about how we can help stop violence before it happens. Yes, prevention! This month you can share your commitment to preventing violence by participating in an awesome project: 1 Photo, 6 Words. #VetoViolence.

Have you ever heard of six word memoirs? Prompts like these mini memoirs inspire my inner creative writer. A word limit can help us get to the heart of our message. It requires intention. You choose your words wisely and try to make the most of each. They could be big or simple. All they need to be is words that share your voice.  

Here’s the deal. Take a few minutes to think about the 6 words telling your story about ending sexual violence. Make it visual by taking a photo or creating an image. The goal is to create and share images to promote healthy relationships and imagine a future without sexual violence. 1 Photo, 6 Words. sends a vital message about how we can all play a role to #VetoViolence.Hand holding sign that reads "We pledge to #VetoViolence against women

You can post your photo and six words to Facebook, Twitter, or Instragram with the hashtag #VetoViolence.  Share images with friends, and challenge them to participate. Make it a six words to end violence slam on social media! Your work could be showcased, and submissions are going to help celebrate the anniversary of Violence Against Women Act. VAWA is celebrating 20 years supporting the prevention of violence and funding the Rape Prevention Education Program

Submissions are collected all month long, so let’s spread the word. Be sure to add your voice, and we plan to highlight messages about ending sexual violence next April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month. If you plan on joining us in Pittsburgh for the National Sexual Assault Conference, be on the lookout for opportunities to participate. Partners at PreventConnect are a 1 Photo, 6 Words. roll, and they will be helping spread the word at NSAC 2014.

My 6 word send-off: Get to thinking, creating and sharing!