Richmond CA, 4 Months Later...

Dear Engaged Bystander, David Lee shared a great blog with us called Richmond Confidential. It is an interesting view into what is happening in Richmond 4 months after the rape that grabbed the national media's attention (for a week or two...)

Four months later, the rape crisis center in Richmond asked, begged and demanded to go onto the school campus to provide the My Strength Training, supported by CALCASA, the statewide sexual assault coalition. If you don't know about this program, please click here!

James, the executive director of the rape crisis center easily (and controversially) summarized the importance of adding the My Strength training and this approach that works directly with young men. "What the heck are we talking to girls for?" she asked -- "They are not assaulting."

If anyone knows of more recent reports from Richmond, please share them. I think it is so essential to see what a community is doing when it is working beyond the crisis. This is where the real bystander work can begin to have a significant impact.

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In Richmond there will be a two day training this coming June on engaging men in preventing men's violence against women by A CALL TO MEN with the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, the California Partnership Against Domestic Violence, Community Violence Solutions (the rape crisis center) and STAND! Against Domestic Violence. This a a great collection of national, state and local community organizations coming together.