Resources for Evaluation

Evaluating your program can be daunting. It's an overwhelming concept for many, and just knowing how and where to start is challenging. But there are many good resources out there to make evaluation a bit less intimidating, so today's post will introduce a few of those.

  • The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has an online evaluation toolkit. Within it are 2 documents that I have turned to frequently: the Evaluation Handbook and the Logic Model Development Guide. Definitely bookmark this site.
  • The Free Management Library's Basic Guide to Program Evaluation is a good read. Although the page is a bit cumbersome, there's a lot worth viewing. When you're done reviewing it, head over to their planning checklist.
  • Over at VAWNet you can find Taking Stock: A Practical Guide to Evaluating Your Own Programs. Not healthcare- or sexual assault-specific, but many of the concepts are adaptable to our work, particularly for community-based programs.
  • FRIENDS, the National Resource for Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention, also created an online evaluation toolkit. The thing I like best about this site is its link to the logic model builder. A fun toy if you're at all wonky like me.

Did we leave out a resource you find invaluable for program evaluation? Please add it in the Comments section below!