A Real Hero Calls His Actions "Just Normal Behavior"

Dear Engaged Bystander: Abraham Toure is being called a hero by local police for helping a rape victim who screamed for help. He says, he is not a hero, what he did is "just normal human behavior… I was thinking I could only imagine how scared this girl must be. I was just thinking, 'What can I do to help her?'"

 You can now read a number of articles that describe the full details of the story. But what is remarkable is how many things this young man did right. Here is just a short list:


He heard some screams and then the sound of someone being punched from a park while walking by. He did not race into a dark area by himself, but instead immediately called 911 for help. 

 When he realized the battery on his cell phone was low, he did not risk losing any chance to reach the police… he ran to get help. He knocked on a few doors until he found someone home who could call 911 and stay on the line until the police arrived.

 When he got some help, he went back to the edge of the park and started to yell. He did not expose himself to danger but he let the attacker know that someone was there and someone was watching. 

 When a young woman emerged without pants or shoes, he went to her and carried her to safety.   

In each case he found help.  In each case he ensured his own safety.  And he did not give up on the unknown girl he heard screaming from the bushes.  The story's ending?  The police arrived and found the alleged rapist trying to drive away and was able to easily arrest him.

Thank you Abraham Toure!