Raliance Media Summit

We’re calling on advocates to help us change the media landscape

Are you an advocate advancing prevention strategies? 

Working with the news media is a vital tool to bring awareness to this very serious and widespread problem. It also empowers the voices of lived experience often overshadowed by sensationalism and victim-blaming headlines. In Issue 22: What’s missing from the news on sexual violence? An analysis of coverage 2011-2013, The Berkeley Media Studies Group offered key recommendations to both journalists and advocates to change this dialogue. Advocates, they noted, must prepare for the long-term by building relationships with journalists.  

Are you an advocate already working with a reporter, newsroom team, or building relationships with the news media in your area? Are you looking to do more of this very kind of work? 

Raliance knows sexual violence is a complex topic for journalists to cover and can be even more difficult for the general public to understand. At the nexus of trauma, violence, crime and public health, news coverage on sexual assault and rape often lacks the depth of context connecting specific events with broader social patterns. 

Responsible and high-impact reporting must be celebrated, and journalists must be part of the on-going discussion. Telling more complete stories will help the general public better understand the context and nuances inherent in sexual violence and that prevention is possible and happening! That’s a narrative we all want to see.   

That’s why we are hosting Changing the landscape: A dialogue with journalists reporting on sexual violence. This Media Summit will continue this vital conversation with an audience of entirely newsroom journalists on May 9 at the Kaiser Family Foundation in Washington, DC. At this event we will also present the winners of The RALLYs: honoring excellence in coverage of sexual violence. 

Let’s change the dialogue together! Encourage journalists you work with to register today: bit.ly/RalianceSummit