The Preventionista Road Show

I think I’ve mentioned once or twice (okay, maybe more like a dozen times!) that I love traveling and meeting preventionists around the nation.  Lately, I’ve been doing what I call the Preventionista Road Show.  I’ve been in the great states of Nebraska and Washington, talking about effective prevention programming and building an organizational commitment to prevention.  And although a trip to Wyoming was thwarted by air traffic control layoffs (although my bag got to spend 4 days there!), I was able to deliver a presentation via webinar (oh, the power of technology).

I love sharing what we’ve learned from our interviews with innovative prevention programs, and elements of our Finding the Perfect Shade of Change prevention resource packet.  I love training on primary prevention using language that talks about what it really is – changing social norms.   But the thing that I love most about these trainings is the opportunity to connect with local program staff who are out there in communities, doing this work every day.   I’ve been there, and I know the job can be hard.  It takes much effort and time (social change is a process, right?).  But the rewards are so great.  When I hear preventionists talk about the power of their community mobilization work and youth led efforts, and I see the gleam of pride in their eyes, well…it makes this preventionista’s heart go aflutter.

So, as I set out today for another installment of the Preventionista Road Show (New York, here I come!), I can’t help but get a little giddy with anticipation about the people I will meet and the prevention stories I will hear.  Each person, each story, just adds fuel to my prevention fire and really helps inform the training and resources we provide at the national level.  So, thanks to all of you wonderful preventionists in the field!

Do you have a story to share about the sexual violence prevention work you are doing in your community?  Please share by commenting below!