Prevention Success

What makes a prevention program successful?  That’s the million dollar question, right?  Some preventionists might think that if they just had more money, or if they had that one, perfect curriculum their program would be a success.  Although beneficial, we know that money and a great curriculum alone do not a successful program make.    

Because we wanted to explore this question, the NSVRC worked with an evaluator to identify and interview innovative sexual violence prevention programs throughout the country.  Twelve innovative programs were selected and interviewed to find out how the programs were thinking about prevention and the processes that allowed their innovation to develop.   What we found was that, although these programs varied in size, budgets, and target audiences, they shared very similar characteristics.  Here’s a hint: It has much more to do with the organization itself than with the specific prevention innovation.  Intrigued?  To find out what makes these programs tick, check out our Year 2 Report: Innovations in Prevention.  While you are there, be sure to listen to the podcast interviews that Prevention Connection recorded with the innovative programs.  Then, let us know what you think by commenting below!