A Passion for Prevention

When I began working in the anti-violence movement 14 years ago, I never imagined I would be sitting here today writing a blog about prevention.  But yet, here I am.  After years of working in community-based rape crisis programs as a counselor, advocate, educator, and supervisor I had the fortune of coming to work at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.  By the third day, I was heavily immersed in the Spectrum of Prevention document.  Over the course of the past seven years, I have become a prevention geek.  It is my passion, and it gives me hope there can be an end to sexual violence.

My hope is that this blog serves as an information hub and a connection point for those of you doing prevention work at all levels of the spectrum. 

Have you ever wondered how preventionists in other states and other communities do their work?  What resources they use? How they evaluate their programs? 

We’ll connect you with new prevention resources and highlight programs that are taking an innovative approach to prevention.

So, welcome.  I’m glad you are along for the ride!

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Submitted by lpalumbo on

Excited to hear more from this passionate preventionista! 

Submitted by amperrotto on

Happy first day of blogging Preventionista!

Submitted by David Lee on

I look forward to rading your blog. NSVRC and you are great partners in advacning primary prevention.David Leewww.PreventConnect.org

Submitted by jgrove on
Thanks everyone for the kind comments! David, it's a pleasure to work with you and the PreventConnect team!
Submitted by caseykeene on

So happy to see your new prevention blog! Looking forward to what's to come. Happy blogging from your prevention partners at http://www.VAWnet.org!