Online Continuing Education

One of the things I do in my spare time (*snicker*) is maintain a forensic healthcare blog. Although it's not connected to any specific project, it has quite a bit of content related to maintaining sexual assault medical forensic exam clinical competency. Mind you, it's not only sexual assault content on that site; you'll find all apsects of clinical forensic healthcare, from program management to interpersonal violence to policy and research. Whenever possible, I try to highlight free and low-cost online continuing education offerings (because we're always looking for cheap and easy CEs); even the posts without CEs have some educational benefit. That's really the purpose of the site: exposure to the breadth and variety of materials you might get at some place like the IAFN Annual Assembly, without having to leave the comforts of your home or office (or broom closet, if your SANE program's administrative office is like so many I have seen out there).

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By the way, in an effort to reduce overlap, I will be cross-referencing these blogs when possible, so that I am not duplicating content (and brainpower, since they run on 2 different platforms). But do come visit me over there at You simply cannot believe how much good information is out there.