“No matter how hard you try you can’t stop us now”

In my last post, I discussed the influence of feminist thought in shaping my own personal lens to recognizing oppression. Acknowledging that definitions are many in this great movement, I shared one of my favorites from bell hooks: “Feminism—a movement to end sexist oppression.” Great definition, short and sweet, but WOW does it pack some power! Over the next few posts, let’s unpack some elements of this loaded definition. I’m drawing this exercise and explanation from a great in-person training a good friend developed years ago. It was such a moving activity, that I’ll try to recreate in blog form for you.

First, let’s hone in on word #3 in hooks’ definition. “Movement” describes many different drives for change, awareness, structure, and preservation. To move carries many different meanings too. To move implies action. There should be no standing still in a movement. The movement to end sexual violence, for instance, has been changing, growing and evolving over half a century or more.

For some folks, “to move” means transporting from one space to another. In our case, the movement works to pave the road that helps victims in isolation move to survivors healing. We’re blazing the path that moves oppressive thought process to enlightened conversation. Now, we’re moving from awareness-raising to prevention through multilevel social change. Feminism won’t limit you to thinking either; feminism encourages and builds from emotion and experiences. As feminists moving to end sexual violence we are a collective, inspired, engaged, active community of believers hoping for thinking for thriving for and working for a different world! This movement excites, and the energy keeps building. I can’t wait to wake up in this world, and nothing that anyone says will stop me from hoping.

Tell what you hope for and what moves you below and stay tuned to continue unpacking feminism.