A Moment in Time

Dear Engaged Bystander: On Sunday, I was at a wedding of two dear friends and one of them is an incredible photographer. Please indulge me since this posting is a little off topic today.

So there were a lot of photographers in the crowd and through them, I heard of a fabulous event sponsored by the NY Times. On the exact moment of their wedding, Sunday, May 2, at 11:00 AM EST, everyone with a camera is invited to take a picture of what is happening in their lives and submit it to The New York Times. For their part, the NY Times promised to cobble these together into a mosaic portrait of one "Moment in Time" around the world.

This is what the NY Times had to say about the images they have received:

"So far, that portrait seems to be one of surprising tranquility. No one has to tell readers of The Times, or just about anyone else, how upended and violent the world seems to be at the moment. But our respondents tended to show moments of repose, rather than anxiety; of warmth, rather than heat. It may not constitute a "realistic" view of the human condition, but it does offer something of a balance to the images of suffering and destruction that are more often a staple of the Lens blog."

On Wednesday, you will be able to see an interactive gallery of several thousand pictures that can be sorted geographically or thematically. I know I will be looking for the photographs of this joyful wedding.

But this is a blog on bystander engagement and frankly this idea has grabbed my imagination. This "Moment in Time" project makes me wonder what it would be like if we did this for bystander engagement. I know that there are moments every day where I can say something or do something that has an impact on those around me. What kind of images could we present to document one small moment in time?

If you have not seen it yet, the Liberty Mutual Ad captures these moments and calls it their responsibility project. If you have an image in mind, please post it. I am curious what images we can use to express engagement.