Managing Your Time and Workload

I'm battling some kind of post-travel virus, so today's offering will be a bit brief. But an important topic, I think. Because if you are at all like me, you have a lot on your plate. Programs to run, pagers/blackberries/iphones/email to which you must respond, the other job you may hold and its corresponding responsibilities, family obligations...the list may feel endless. In fact, I noticed last night that my business partner had a lament about the limitations of the 24 hour day as her Facebook status message. So clearly I'm not the only person trying to manage my to do list (and still have some semblance of a life outside work).

Over at the Harvard Business blog, Gina Trapani has a (brief) piece that really speaks to me, How to Mitigate the Urgent to Focus on the Important. I always like reading how other professional multi-taskers get it all done, and Gina, in particular, has a long track record of bringing life-managing tools to the masses (she was a founder of one of my favorite daily reads, Lifehacker). Concepts like making time for yourself and reducing your to-do list may not seem radical, but the way in which she frames these ideas make them feel perfect for my needs right now. Maybe yours, too.


(Hat tip: The Boss of You)