"Man on the Roof" Business brings focus to child sexual abuse

Dear Engaged Bystander: I have always been impressed with the ability of some states to mobilize businesses and other "unlikely partner" to get involved in prevention. It makes sense, but it is not something I have seen happen very often when you talk about child sexual abuse or sexual assault.

Today, I heard about "Man on the Roof," the efforts of a small computer company, in Vermont, aptly named, The Vermont Computer Company, Inc. The owner is sitting on the roof of the store for four days and bringing nothing with him. He can do this knowing that his community and his friends will support him by sending food and other supplies. But he is asking for his friends and his community to also send their support to a nonprofit organization, Prevent Child Abuse Vermont.

When asked why he had decided to take such a dramatic approach to this fundraiser, Lesniak commented: "Child abuse is nothing short of tragic and it doesn't get the attention it should. Maybe, by doing something a little crazy like this, it will get some deserved time in the spotlight."

His crazy idea does brings attention to child sexual abuse and child abuse more broadly. His request also shows one very immediate way to create community to support his efforts (he has gotten lots of donations from local businesses) and give much needed funds to an important cause.

I imagine it is also a win-win for his company and frankly, I think it is great.

I hope more companies will see that it is in their best interest to focus attention on these difficulty issues. And maybe more companies will follow his lead.



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Jeremy is literally on the roof of his office and will be for 4 days and nights to raise awareness of the need to prevent child abuse and to raise funds for Prevent Child Abuse Vermont effective programs. The town where Jeremy's business is located is Randolph, VT where in 08 a murder and sexual assault of a 13 year old girl took place. It was a dreadful and traumatic event that shook VT and certainly, the community of Randolph. I think this is Jeremy's way of saying that prevention is worth stopping to do something about. It is worth some personal sacrifice, whether time, physical comfort or money. PCAV staff have been taped and will be featured by Jeremy. Folks can write to him and he will answer. There are many ways in and linking will get you there.

Many thanks for your support! Let's help warm Jeremy with success!

Linda Johnson
Executive Director
Prevent Child Abuse Vermont