Summer Reading for Kiddos!

At this point, it’s perhaps safe to say that school is out and the summer has begun for most of us. This brings to mind the thought of long, hot and for some humid days. Kids as well as parents become restless. What better way to occupy time than reading a book? In the case of the NSVRC library, not only would reading be going on, but valuable lessons as well. As a former preschool teacher, I firmly believe that the sooner you introduce children to books, the better off they will be. The children in my life receive books as gifts, not toys. If I need to be known as the crazy book lady, so be it. So, long as I am introducing them to a world of fantastic characters and life long adventures.

It is obvious by now that I love books, and that I have a heart for children’s books. The NSVRC library also has a special collection of books for children that are not only geared for kids, but embody valuable challenges and lessons. Annabelle’s Secret by Amy Barth tackles sexual abuse head on in a creative way that is easily understood by children. The story presents 7-year-old Annabelle who was approached by a neighborhood boy that invites her to join a “secret club.’ The “club” is just an excuse for the boy to groom her for abuse. When she turns 11, Annabelle finds that bad feelings from the abuse have returned to her. This is a great resource for children, parents, schools, therapists, treatment agencies, and prevention programs.

Lily Lightning Bug and Her Stolen Glow by Jeannette Adkins is an incredibly useful resource for those working with child victims and witnesses. It is also a great tool for helping to prepare children for court. It is designed to help children who have been victimized by crime and who may have to testify. The story follows Lilly Lightning Bug as her glow is stolen one summer evening. It follows her from her frightening experience through her journey to justice in the Bug County Courthouse. The reader is also introduced to her victim advocate, Loretta Ladybug. The story is designed to lessen the fear of the unknown and would be useful for children, advocates, investigators, prosecutors or judges.
Another unique book and resource for children is One by Kathryn Otoshi. Within the book the child is introduced to the color blue, which is a quiet color. Red has an attitude and likes to pick on blue. Yellow, orange, green, and purple don’t like what they see, but don’t know what to do. Things get out of hand when no one speaks up. Then One comes along and shows all the other colors how to stand up, come together, and count. Readers not only learn about numbers, counting, primary and secondary colors, but they also learn about bullying and that sometimes it takes one person to make everyone count.

My Very Own Book About Me!: Personal Safety Book by Jo Stowell and Mary Deitzell is an excellent resource intended to teach children about their bodies and safe boundaries. It is a coloring book that includes vignettes of potential situations that children might find themselves in. It also includes a parents guide. Loving Touches: A Book for Children About Positive, Caring Kinds of Touching by Lory Freeman is a great resources as it informs children about caring and appropriate kinds of touching. It also shows ways for children to ask for and receive loving touches and teaches respect for one's own touches, as well as others' touches.

These resources are not only excellent for children, but for those working with children as well as parents. As summer looms on, hide the remote control, head to the bookshelf or library and pick up a book. They are a sure fire way to enhance learning and to allow children to become one with the characters they read about. If you would like to find out more about these resources or others, check out the NSVRC library and let the reading and learning begin!


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