Hooray for NSAC!

In the years that I have worked for the NSVRC and PCAR, I’ve always been on the outskirts of what is the National Sexual Assault Conference. I am honored and excited to be able to participate in the event this year, even if I am only playing a small part. I have been in the human services field in a variety of roles over the years, but I have never known a group of people who have ever worked so hard to put a conference together as those I am surrounded by. Those who have worked tirelessly to put the conference on and those who continue to work tirelessly to end sexual violence, my hope is that you all will be rewarded and empowered as you attend the conference this year. Thank you for all that you do and the sacrifices you continue to make.

Given that the conference is only a couple of weeks away, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight a couple of resources that I hope will be encouraging and uplifting as you continue to do the work that you do. The article by Nicole Westmarland and Sue Alderson entitled The Health, Mental Health, and Well-Being Benefits of Rape Crisis Counseling is a great resource for exploring the benefits of rape crisis counseling. The article discusses a research project that was developed to measure the impact of rape crisis counseling over time. It was tested in five rape crisis centers in North England. The research, despite some limitations, began to show evidence that rape crisis centers are able to demonstrate their benefits and to assess and develop their own practice.

Male Victims of Adult Sexual Assault: A Descriptive Study of Survivors’ Use of Sexual Assault Treatment Services by Janice Du Mont is a great resource for looking at the services used by men who have been sexually assaulted and adolescent boys involved in hospital-based sexual assault programs. The findings within the study showed that male clients’ use of sexual assault services was significant and there is importantance in providing access to psychological, medical and forensic treatment options, as well as referrals to other community services for continued support. The Value of Independent Rape Crisis Centers by The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center presents a study to better understand independent rape crisis centers and to investigate whether the organizational model used provided benefits. The report provides a look at the value of IRCC’s for survivors and communities. It also suggests that the benefits provided cannot be recreated in other organizational forms.

It is obvious advocates, counselors, and rape crisis centers provide services that are undeniably valuable. These are just a few resources that show the benefits that folks in this movement have to offer. It is my hope that everyone involved with and attending NSAC 2014 realizes how precious your work truly is. I am simply honored to be a part of it.  Find out about more resources at the NSVRC Library and get ready for Pittsburgh!

Check out next weeks surprise blog that will highlight a couple of books that will be available in the Wellness Room during the conference, as well as information on Professional Books, INC. the publisher that will be joining us!


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