Let’s get linky.

The interwebs are just crawling with information about sex. Well, let me rephrase that to there is plenty of sex on the internet. Suffice it to say quantity is no indicator of quality when it comes to the topic of sex and the internet, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people talking about it in helpful, healthy ways.

AASECT introduced me to a number of blogs and bloggers who are contributing to the conversation about good, healthy sex. I thought it might be helpful to share some of these resources and to see if others have recommended reads as well.

Disclaimer: As always, a link is in no way an endorsement, but if you are looking for perspectives on sex and sexuality you may consider these voices a resource. Also, please note: Sexual content to follow.


Blogs on Sex and Sexuality 

Doin' it well
Bringing good sex & sexuality to the masses!

This archived blog is a general resource on sex and sexuality that focuses on accurate information and open dialogue with a slant toward college age adults. Another great blog with candid discussion and answers to sexual health question is Go Ask Alice blog from Columbia University.

Sexuality and aging today blog
A publication of the sexuality and aging consortium at Widener University

Sexuality doesn’t expire, so this consortium is blogging resources for safer senior sex. If you are interested in more views and news on sex and aging, Joan Price is a talking out loud about senior sex at Better than I Ever Expected.

Our bodies ourselves blog
Your daily dose of women’s healthy news and analysis

The great content of OBOS in the blogosphere, this is a great resource on women’s health and sexuality. Speaking of blogs with a feminist perspective, shout out to Feminism: From Grass Roots to Full Bloom.

Scarleteen: Sex ed for the real world
Inclusive, comprehensive and smart sexuality information and help for teens and 20s

Don’t let the age demographic fool you, individuals of any age can learn about sexuality from the great resources over at Scarleteen. In fact, if you are just getting your feet wet with all the healthy sexuality talk, it’s a really safe place for the basics including this excellent piece on consent

Sexuality and religion: What’s the connection?
Speaking out for sexual justice

With perspectices from sexologist and minister Rev. Debra Havner of the Religious Institute, this blog explores the connection between sexuality, religion and spirituality, and the need for sexual justice in our faith communities and society. Communities of faith can be an ally in sharing healthy sexuality messages, and one great example is the Our Whole Lives curricula.


What else is out there?

Tons really! There are also many fantastic resources online for parents including tools like No Place Like Home and True Child.  

Many resources in sexual violence prevention like Prevent Connect and state coalitions are talking about healthy sexuality too. So where do you search, lurk or follow when it comes to great content on sexuality? 


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