Leadership Self-Assessment

We talked a little bit last week about leadership and succession planning. This week, let's talk about leadership and skill sets. Specifically the qualities that effective leaders possess. The American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE--funny) puts out an annual competency self-evaluation (PDF), "designed to help healthcare executives identify their areas of strength as well as areas that they might want to include in their personal development plan. The assessment tool also contains an extensive listing of additional resources for further professional development."

Now I realize that many of you don't see yourself as healthcare executives, and you may feel that some of what this assessment tool is measuring doesn't really apply. I would have to disagree with you--I think much of what's in the tool applies, and the simple act of going through the tool and adapting the questions to more closely fit your role and professional organization can provide a great deal of food for thought. Obviously, completing the self-assessment provides even more insight, so if you have the opportunity, take some time and work your way through it. It's a time consuming process, but it can be broken down into sections and completed in bite-sized pieces. The numbers you see throughout correspond to articles and other publications from ACHE, which you can track down on their site if you'd like more information on a given topic.

Have you ever used a tool like this as a way to gauge your own strengths and limitations? Know of other useful self-assessment tools for managers? Feel free to tell us about your experiences in the comments section.

By the way, over at the forensic health blog today, I've got a post about designing effective educational offerings, courtesy of OVC...might be of interest to some of you.

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