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Since our twitter debut last year, SAAM has been building a social media presence that led us to hosting our first twitter live chats. The #TweetAboutIt Tuesday! Twitter chat series kicked-off during SAAM 2012 as an opportunity to utilize new media and engage online audiences in discussing healthy sexuality.

Although Twitter chats were new territory for NSVRC, we jumped into planning a series of four one-hour chats for each Tuesday of April. Each chat was led by an expert and further explored key healthy sexuality related topics from the SAAM campaign materials: child sexual abuse prevention, gender norms, sexuality in later life and consent. Thanks to your participation, guidance from partners, and four tremendous hosts – we are excited to share highlights from these chats.

Chat Recaps

#TweetAboutIt Tuesday! Chat on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

On April 3, 2012, expert Joan Tabachnick joined us in a discussion on prevention child sexual abuse.

Talking to your children about healthy sexuality and development early on is an important part of child sexual abuse prevention. Using proper names for body parts and feeling empowered to communicate boundaries are key messages of healthy sexuality that are appropriate for children. If parents, schools and communities are not equipping children with information regarding sexuality, children are likely to follow the lead of messages from music, TV, internet and media. This chat explored the value of engaging parents, communities, and organizations in talking about child sexual abuse prevention.

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#TweetAboutIt Tuesday! Healthy Sexuality & Gender Norms Chat

On April 10, 2012, expert michael munson of FORGE joined us in a discussion on healthy sexuality and challenging gender norms.

Gender norms are a set of “rules” or ideas about how each gender should behave. Cultural norms about gender influence sexuality by creating expectations and roles associated with femininity and masculinity. Some traditional gender norms have unhealthy implications on sexuality. For instance, norms encouraging males to be aggressive and dominant in sex, while females are taught to be passive and pleasing, set up a power dynamic that does not encourage equality, respect and consent. This chat explored concepts of gender and identity as they relate to healthy sexuality, and participants were challenged to broaden this conversation to more fully include the voices and experience of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender) individuals.  

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#TweetAboutIt Tuesday! Healthy Sexuality in Later Life

On April 17, 2012, sexuality educator Alison Bellavance joined us in a discussion on healthy sexuality in later life.

Sexuality is a part of every stage of life. Sexuality in later life is often minimized or ignored, but sexuality does not have an expiration date. Older adult are sexually active too and need information to be healthy and safe. This chat discussed how cultural norms and media ignore sexuality in later life, how we can be advocates for older adult healthy sexuality, and how a healthy view of sexuality in later life benefits all ages of the lifespan.

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#TweetAboutIt Tuesday! Healthy sexuality, consent & The Purity Myth

On April 24, 2012 Jessica Valenti, founder of, feminist writer, and author of The Purity Myth joined us in a discussion on healthy sexuality and consent.

Consent is essential in all healthy sexual interactions. More than a yes or no, consent is a dialogue about desires, needs and level of comfort with different sexual interactions. This chat discussed a dynamic understanding of consent that emphasized informed and enthusiastic participation, strong communication and respect. The audience identified barriers to consent and mutuality in sex such as traditional gender roles and cultural values like the purity myth that reinforce unhealthy messages.

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