Hero saves 8 year old girl from kidnapper

Dear Engaged Bystander:  We say it rarely happens, but sometimes a stranger does show up and takes a girl right from her front yard. As a parent, I can say that this is my worst nightmare. In Fresno this week, Gregoria Gonzalez pulled up in an old pick up truck and grabbed an 8 year old girl from her front yard while she was playing with friends.   

One reason this story is making the news is because a man in the neighborhood, Victor Perez,  saw the story on TV and saved the little girl. 
Victor Perez did a remarkable thing that morning. After seeing photos of the truck on TV Victor Perez and his cousin Flor Urias looked out the window and saw the same truck making a u-turn in front of the house.  Victor jumped into his own truck and gave chase. He pulled up next to Gregoria to “ask for directions”, but in the middle of the conversation Gregoria sped off. When Victor cut him off, Gregoria raised his arms in anger and that was when Victor spotted the little girl.   After Victor cut him off again, Gregoria pushed the girl out of the truck and fled the scene.   
Victor Perez is a hero and deserves full recognition for the risks he took and for what he was able to do. This little girl is now safely back with her mother because of Victor Perez. But Victor is only a part of this remarkable story.
If you read the news reports closely, you will see that there are a lot of heroes in this story – a lot of people did act. In fact it really was the actions of many in the neighborhood that helped to bring this little girl home. 
  1. The first bystander action --  some of the neighbors saw Gregoria pull up in his pickup truck and when it was clear that he was going to do something they yelled for the girls who were playing in the front yard to run. The other girls did get away safely.
  2. The second bystander action -- when Gegoria grabbed the girl and pulled her into his truck, a neighbor chased him and eventually lost the truck, but he did get a partial license plate number. 
  3. The third bystander action – someone gave the police survellience camera footage that had photos of the truck that could be aired on TV. 
  4. The fourth bystander action – when Victor jumped into his truck to give chase, his cousin got on the phone to call 911 and let the police know that the truck had been spotted. 
  5. The fifth bystander action – after the girl was returned to her mother, other people in a town nearby tipped the police which led to the arrest of Gregoria Gonzalez.   
It is often these small heroic actions that go unnoticed yet are so important to changing the culture and environment in which we live. This 8 year old girl is home again because MANY people chose to act and to help bring her home. Victor is certainly a hero. But the girl is home because many people cared enough to do something to help bring her home.