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The anti-sexual violence movement isn’t social media shy. This is important territory for change makers, and it’s in our best interest to keep current and adapt to venues of public communication. To create dialogue and educate on sexual violence prevention, we’ve shared this conversation for decades with tools such as editorials, radio/TV PSA’s, posters/billboards and by talking in our communities. Now in the age of Facebook, Twitter and microblogging, we’ve embraced the global movement to use online networks and communities to further our mission to end sexual violence.


Social media is seen by NSVRC as one of many effective tools in engaging communities in conversation. Social media is best used in conjunction with, not in replacement of, traditional media advocacy, community-based outreach, and hands-on activism.

Now to be honest, SAAM is very into social media. We’d love to see this tool best utilized by our organization, movement and local communities, so it’s likely you’ll hear more from us on and through social media technologies. We understand that access to technology and building online capacity is a process for many organizations, and we value that there are different needs across this spectrum. Whether you’re swan diving in the deep-end or just getting your toes wet, there’s a space for you in social media realms, so let’s get to exploring!

The Social Life of SAAM 2012

Creating and exchanging content is what social media is all about. SAAM 2012 was our most “social” campaign by far.

  • On Facebook and Twitter we called for tweets, posts and status updates to spread the word about SAAM. We also asked for profile pictures, cover photos and backgrounds using campaign images such as the SAAM logo or teal ribbons.
  • April also kicked-off our first Twitter chats, Tweet about it Tuesdays! Participants joined us for an hour-long chat every Tuesday in April using #TweetAboutIt. Other hashtag trends included #SAAM, #SAAM2012 and #DenimDay.
  • The NSVRC YouTube channel  hosted a SAAM 2012 playlist with over 75 related videos, including our “It’s time… to talk about it” campaign video.
  • With the launch of the new NSVRC website, the SAAM blog was added to our list of social media activities. Blogging is a great platform for us to keep the conversation current and interactive while sharing relevant resources and hearing your feedback.

What’s next?

We know that users are also engaging on other social networks and with other blogging and bookmarking tools. Tumblr and Pinterest were hot spaces in 2012, not to mention the rise of moblie apps, etc. With technology evolving at a constant rate, it’s hard to say what’s next for SAAM. As we explore, it would be great to hear from you on about the social media tools you are using and why? Let us know by commenting below! 

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Microblogging is a new word for me! Thanks for the social media lesson LP!

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Anytime! Glad to share the term, but you are already a microblogging expert!