Fundraising Blogs

It's no secret that I'm a huge blog fan. When done well, blogs can be fantastic resources. Filled with short attention span-satisfying bits and pieces and loaded with links, blog authors frequently have information before their more established website counterparts. And blogs are written in conversational language I often find appealing. There are so many out there, though, it can be a challenge to navigate the hordes. That's why any time someone publishes a best of list, I'm all in. I'll certainly commit to checking out anyone's blog once. And the ones that click for me get added to my Reader account for easy access.

Jeff at Donor Power Blog has offered up some of his favorite blogs for fundraisers. Not only does he have a great variety of sources on the page, he also follows up with a complete listing of his favorite fundraising sites at bloglines. And since he has publicly committed to following all fundraising blogs (his emphasis), you just might find a thing or two there to fit your specific needs.

[Donor Power Blog]