Friday Q&A with Traci Jones

Traci Jones is running the oldest program in Wyoming. In a land of big, open spaces, she's literally covering a lot of ground. I'm thrilled she's agreed to participate in our Q&A this week so you can get her perpsective on running a thriving SANE program in the rural Mountain West. Thanks, Traci!

I've been a SANE since: 2003

Hospital or community-based program? This program is a hospital based program at Cheyenne Regional Medical Center in Cheyenne WY.

I'm a SANE because: I really enjoy that I can give something to my patients that have had everything taken from them. They gain control and confidence to walk out of our exam room and hold their heads high.

The best advice someone ever gave me was: Give the best care and understanding to each and every patient you touch.

A skill every SANE should have is: TB, photography skills, not only using colposcope, but also photo documentation of external injuries. I am still learning this.

A skill every program coordinator should have is:
I have no idea because I am still learning. I think that if you are the coordinator you have to be able to work with all entities outside of your program well and be the spokesperson. This will help create a fine tuned team.

More money or more staff?
More money of course!! Now that might change in the next year!!

I wish someone had told me when I was first starting out: That I will eat sleep breath this program and what it involves

My most indispensable resource is: The people I have met over the years through all of the programs, education and IAFN. That is my network

My strong suit is: I can stand on my own and am able to sell anything to anyone about this program.

I would rather eat glass than: Allow the ER to care for my patients.

I take care of myself by: Running, exercising, playing with my kids.

It will be time to do something else when: I can no longer see what I am looking at.

In 10 years I would like to be: In a free standing clinic with all outside agencies under one roof. Or at least have them there occasionally. I want to incorporate medical care with forensic care. (if that makes sense)

Words of advice for a struggling SANE program coordinator?
Just keep the goal in sight and tell everyone what you do. EDUCATE EDUCATE EDUCATE.. Eventually it does get easier.