Friday Q&A with Cindy Jennings

Today's Q&A comes to us from Cindy Jennings, coordinator of the Dayton, OH program. Cindy's been a constant down in the Miami Valley, running one of the older programs in Ohio and she graciously responded to my call for submissions. Thanks, Cindy!

I've been a SANE since: 1997

Hospital or community-based program? Miami Valley Hospital Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Program

I'm a SANE because:
Long story---- I did an exam as a new ER nurse---Read the instructions like everyone else---Went to court----Got eaten alive---Article brought to nursing council---peers felt it was too big a project to look into---I was mad and decided to take it.....Started the program

The best advice someone ever gave me was: Be a nurse first...

A skill every SANE should have is: Strong assessment skills and a strong belief in the professionalism of nursing

A skill every program coordinator should have is: Flexibility and Patience

More money or more staff? Neither----A balance for a strong and sustainable program.

I wish someone had told me when I was first starting out: I was the foundation for a new nursing specialty in our community

My most indispensable resource is:
The IAFN and others around the country...

My strong suit is: Setting yearly realistic goals for the program

I take care of myself by:
Leaving work at work and being a mom

It will be time to do something else when:
I become stagnant in my ideas and contribution to the program and its advancement

In 10 years I would like to be:

Words of advice for a struggling SANE program coordinator?
Set realistic goals for your growth and development. Remember to base your practice on sound nursing principles and evidence based practice