Fraternity Brother Sexually Assaults A Brother

Dear Engaged Bystander: We don’t often hear about male on male sexual abuse on college campuses. And according to one expert, that is part of the problem. Shira Tarrant acknowledges her reluctance to speak out initially and said that she was compelled to speak up because sexual assault breeds in a Petri dish of silence. 
In her Ms Magazine blog posting she talks about how a 21 year old man at Drake University allegedly sexually assaulted his fraternity brother.  And now there are now accusations that he's sexually assaulted again.  She acknowledges the difficulties that friends face when deciding whether and how to speak up. According to Tarrant, “…even vocal bystanders risk violating a tacit cultural agreement to keep such problems hushed up.” 
This excellent Ms. Magazine Blog Posting discusses this case in the broader context of campus policy issues. It is definitely worth reading for her overview of the case and for the links she provides to excellent programs that can make a difference on college campuses.