Following Up On Last Week's STI Discussion...

Last week, in a comment on my post on the STI Clinical Guide, Kim mentioned the live courses taught by the CDC through the National Network of HIV/STD Prevention Training Centers. Aside from the 5-day course, there is also a 3-day course (which still includes clinical) available. You can check course availability and scheduling here. You'll have to click on the Center that serves your area (there are 10 and if you're not sure which one is yours, click on your state and they will tell you) and then check that Center's page for the training schedule (a bit clunky, I know).

Over at the Forensic Health blog, I posted some sources for non-STI related cervical images at the request of one of my readers. It may be more than you're looking for, but if nothing else, they're good reference material.

And just as an aside, not sure why yesterday's post has no preview pane...I'll have to check up on that.