The Finance Project

Early in the process of compiling resources for this project, I came across The Finance Project. And I read their mission statement:

To support decision-making that produces and sustains good results for children, families, and communities. The Finance Project develops and disseminates research, information, tools, and technical assistance for improved polices, programs, and financing strategies.

Bookmark? Yes, please.

There's a lot to explore on their website, but I'd like to highlight a few things particularly worth your time. The 1st is their page on sustainability planning. It lays out 7 components and when you click on the each component's link, you go to a page with links to other related resources.

The other valuable tool I've used for this project is their report, Sustaining Comprehensive Community Initiatives (PDF). Here they lay out their sustainability framework, which "is intended to help policymakers, program developers and other stakeholders at both state and community levels identify the basic resources needed and address the strategic decisions necessary to sustain promising comprehensive community initiatives." I think it's a great template for strengthening our own programs, and it's a staple in my teaching and consulting arsenal.