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Feminism: From Grassroots to Full Bloom

by Ali Mailen Perrotto

Ali is the Online Resource Coordinator at the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

Blogger Bio: Feminism excites me! Let's take a look at the way it informs, impacts and shapes the movement against sexual violence.

Blog Description: A blog about the growth of feminist thought and praxis in the movement to end sexual violence.


ELO Conference TablePurely by chance I learned about an opportunity to exhibit at a conference for educators and educational support professionals.


GSA Summit exhibit tableA few weeks ago I had the opportunity to exhibit at a statewide Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Summit at Dickinson College.


So you’re sitting around the table having a nice Friday night with your parents and adult siblings. Passing around the takeout containers, finding enough clean forks, and then, suddenly, the rape culture conversation starts.

A sister is discussing the community safety alerts that have been coming out recently at her college. Another asks what they’re for. Sister #1 says they’re pretty serious, robberies and rapes.

Sister #2: “Real rape or cry rape?”

*Ears perk up…what now?

Sister #1: No, it’s real rape. But we had someone cry rape one time last year.


little-girl-dressed-up-as-princessIt’s not what you think. Everybody knows that the beloved Disney princess genre has its problems.


hand-squishing-play-dohI wish this was just a post about blogger’s block. Truth is, it’s a lot bigger than that. For a few months now, I’ve been struggling with this nagging feeling that I’m just not cool anymore. I don’t do cool things or get involved in things the way that I used to.


Just Rural logoEver since I was a Children’s Advocate at a local sexual assault program (SAP), I’ve been hearing about the drama that exists between us and them. I didn’t understand it very well at first, because we had a great thing going with our local Child Advocacy Center (CAC).


Like many others, I spent a good chunk of my Sunday evening eating really good food and tuning in to my first football game of the season. After very scientifically using my baby’s preference for one of two toys set out in front of her on the living room floor to pick my team, I happily cheered for this year’s champions. Go Seattle! Also like many others, I settled in to consume some very expensive media. For your reading pleasure, I now offer my feminist recap of commercials from Super Bowl Weekend.

#DidntMaketheCut but #MadeMyCut


I just don’t know what to think about the Grammys, Macklemore, and cultural appropriation. Every time I try to get it all down, I end up changing my mind about something. Each article I read, tweet I consider, and song I enjoy, my heart is turned in a new direction.


A friend recently shared an article and asked me to blog about it. Here we go!

The article, titled, “10 Celebrities Who Say They Aren't Feminists,” shared pictures and quotes of celebrities like Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Susan Sarandon who have all given statements about their choice not to identify as feminist. Susan Sarandon, an actress I really enjoy watching, was quoted:


strong-womanIn the past, I’ve used New Year’s as an opportunity to take a hard look at my life and things that I want to change about it. More often than not, this involved dieting, budgeting, and goals that involved pants sizes. In 2014, I’m making a different kind of resolution.



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