What are you doing for TDOR?


International Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) will be marked on Wednesday November 20.  It’s a hard day, but so valuable in anti-transphobic activism. On this day around the world, activist communities will hold ceremonies that honor and remember the trans folk who were murdered during the course of the past year.

How dare these hate-mongering murderers impose such violence? How dare we common citizens tolerate a culture of hate towards gender non-conforming individuals? Enough already! Enough hate, enough bullying, enough suicide, enough rape, enough violence, enough death. Be gone from here. Be gone from my presence. Be gone from this world. Enough.

Every candle lit on Wednesday is a life lost. Every blaze is an opportunity missed to tell oppression NO MORE! Perhaps more important though, is that every person who lights a candle in remembrance is one more voice that is willing to change the status quo.

While troubling that this sort of ceremony is necessary in 2013, it’s also inspiring that communities come together publicly to honor the dead. Is your organization hosting an event? Are you attending one that’s happening near you? If nothing else, will you light a candle on Wednesday? Will you proudly show that you are blazing the way to a better world?

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