Rising to the occasion

Are you rising today? Are you joining the 1 Billion? Typically, Valentine’s Day festivities make me a little nauseous. I’m a big fan of V-day--don’t get me wrong! Love the monologues, love my vagina, and I have a deep appreciation for all of the amazing Vagina Warriors out there. But the typical candy-packed, triple priced flower, consumer-driven hype seems a little silly. I’d rather feel loved and valued and show that love in return on an everyday basis, than rush at the last minute to find a commodity that’s going to prove my love.

Thankfully, there is an amazing alternative to all this. 1 Billion Rising is the worldwide celebration of power and vision of women and girls who have had ENOUGH of patriarchy. NSVRC staff will join the rising locally this evening for dancing, singing, and loving at the local LGBT Center. We’ll be loving the idea of a violence free world. We’ll be celebrating a future where intimate relationships are based on love and respect. We’ll be imagining a world where conflict rape is a thing of the past. We’ll be rising in support of safe, happy, consensual awesome sex. This is the reason why our staff comes to work every day! This is what we’re after!

If you’d like to forgo the yearly homage to capitalist cupid, grab your latest loves, and go on a date that could change the world, check out the 1 Billion Rising site for events near you. If nothing is planned, start the rising! Don your red, pink, or black and make a statement. There’s nothing like a spontaneous dance party to fill your space with joy.