A poem for SAAM

Spring burstsSpring buds

From the ground, yawning

New life, new birth; the reviving stretch

On waking to a season of action.

April is a time of change, growth, renewal.

Breathe in the freshly thawed earth,

Breathe out your voice,

The voice of change.

Start small. Burrow out from your tomb of silence.

Break the surface, be the first

To bud into a bright world of knowing.

Others will join in.

In time, light will overtake the dark winter.

Each blossoming idea will spread

Growing into a garden of peace.

Care for the young ones,

Eyes opening to a new world.

A careful gardener can tend to hostile grounds

Creating a space for sustained growth,

Full lives,

And the next new beginning.


Submitted by lpalumbo on

This poem is incredible! Thank you for sharing, Ali! A true SAAM inspiration! 

Submitted by amperrotto on

Thank you! It was fun to write!