Having fun at work

Uncle Sam- have fun at workWhile preparing a teach-in on workplace communication as part of an internal exploration on organizational trauma, I came across an interesting article. It suggested that the top tip for good communication in an office is to have fun at work

Now, having fun at work when you spend your days working to end sexual violence might sound impossible to outsiders. If you do this work though, you know that it’s an absolute necessity! The heavier the topic, the lighter and sillier your side conversations need to be. It gives you the boost you need to read the next news article or see the next client. 

Round this office, it’s common to overhear conversations about the nuanced structures of unicorn armies or toss a “cursed” stuffed purple squirrel onto someone’s desk to get people giggling. As is true for those healing from sexual violence, some levity can go a long way for those working to address it. 

The article I referenced suggests that as little as 15 minutes a day for fun at work will make everyone more focused and productive. That’s the kind of tip I can get into! 

To get you started, I thought I’d share a few websites where you can plug your own messages into stock images. This could be useful for trainings or visuals you create as well, but before you go getting all geeky productive on me, try to have some fun with it! Check out Image Chef or Says It and make a coworker smile today!

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