Engagement Strategies

Fieldstone Alliance just released their latest (and last) chart in a recent series on cushioning yourself against the economic downturn. They describe the chart as a review of engagement strategies, but in simpler terms, its a look at how programs can work with their communities, the agencies within their communities, as well as with each other, to get through the tough times.

As with everything Fieldstone puts out, it's written for nonprofits in general, so some of what's there may not apply as written. But if you look at the chart, I think you'll see there are some suggestions that could be adapted to suit our purposes. For instance, I really liked #5 in the Engage Other Nonprofits section: "consider a joint marketing campaign". At 1st glance, this seems out of the grasp for many of us, because we don't have budgets for marketing campaigns. But upon closer analysis, there's a kernel of applicability--is it possible for us to pool resources with other programs in our regions to highlight the different SANE programs patients can access depending on their location? Or can a nonprofit healthcare system spanning multiple counties (or states) create a single brochure outlining the locations of the various SANE programs within its hospitals to help create awareness and underscore its commitment to the communities the system serves? Certainly this would be more cost effective than each program creating its own materials, and it would have the added benefit of providing a consistent message to patients about the services available.

Take a look at the chart for yourself--its full of great links to other Fieldstone tools (like this one on effective communication). And if you have some innovative ideas about engagement and collaboration, please let us know.

Are you a nurse running a SANE program? If you're interested in being featured in our Coordinator Q&A segment that runs each Friday, please contact me: jenifer.markowitz@gmail.com.


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