This Emotional Life

PBS began airing a new series this month, This Emotional Life. I have not watched it yet (having just heard about it this morning), but I have spent the last hour combing through their website, and I have to say, it's a treasure trove of great information. Not only does the series clearly deal with relevant issues such as trauma, resiliency, etc., but the site provides a host of resources addressing those issues. Some of the highlights for me were the resource database (which users can add to), and the section for military families. There's also a blog (and you know how excited I get about those), that's penned by various authors on myriad subjects from eating disorders to bereavement to resentment (an emotion very easy to fall prey to).

I posted this not because I think information like this is helpful for our patients, although I think it is, but because I think it's helpful for us. Helpful in continuing to do this work when our lives get hectic, when the work starts to grind us down, when we feel angry that our pager's going off again, and when we start transferring our patients' stories onto ourselves or our children (that last one was me, two years ago).

I'm not a big tv person, unless you count the Daily Show and Colbert Report, but I will make a point of watching this. It looks like full episodes are available online, too, so for those of you with conflicting schedules, there you go. I may be back to post further on the series; I'd also love to hear your thoughts, as well.

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