Drawing the Line

Dear Engaged Bystander:   Here is a great event that you can go to in person or see online.  On November 10, 2010;  from  6:00pm - 8:00 pm EST, there is a FREE Film Screening of THE LINE, a documentary by Nancy Schwartzman.  This screening will be a great event that you can see online or in person.  The screening is then followed by a panel discussion with Q&A featuring some amazing folks: 

  • Nancy Schwartzman is the filmmaker and the founder of the THE LINE Campaign
  • Joseph Samalin is the Coordinator of Training & Technical Assistance at Men Can Stop Rape
  • Kelly McBride, of the Poynter Institute, is one of the leading voice in American journalism on how the media covers sexual assault.
  • Andrea (AJ) Plaid is the Sexual Correspondent for the race-and-pop culture blog Racialicious

To see it live (and you are in NYC), you can go to the WeNews Headquarters at 6 Barclay Street, 6th Floor New York, New York 10007.  Or you can see it live by Watching the event streaming live. Just click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page.  

Either way, it should be a fantastic movie and discussion.