Difficult Conversations

I am dashing off to the airport to catch a flight to Philadelphia, so I have only a moment for a quick post. But I wanted to point yor attention to this great piece on having difficult conversations. It makes me think about the kinds of conflict that sometimes flair up when we work collaboratively as part of a SART or MDT. It seems like a lot of the tension that arises in those circumstances can feel very personal, in part, I think, because many people carry around this notion that a well-functioning team won't disagree. And that's a problem, since we all have different priorities depending on our discipline; conflict is not only inevitable, but also, appropriate (as long as we can manage it in a healthy and respectful way).

Anyway, as someone who can be a bit of a reactor, I found the post to offer some spot-on suggestions for managing unexpected angry confrontation. See if it strikes a chord for you...

[Peter Bregman, The Martial Art of Difficult Conversation]


Submitted by Michael Davenport on

I agree. There is nothing wrong with confrontation if it is done respectfully. When the meeting starts getting personal, common sense is gone. It takes two participants to have a disciplined conversation that deliberately leaves heated comments sidelined. casino online