Decision Selection Matrix

Sometimes it's the simple tools that can make a big impact. Take for instance the Decision Selection Matrix (PDF) from Performance Vistas. I talk a lot about prioritizing resources and energy expenditures (particularly for those of you without a lot of compensated hours for running programs), and this is another one of those small things (it's only a page!) that can have a big impact.

Per the authors:

  • First, pick a topic or issue you want to work on or improve (e.g., teamwork).
  • Second, brainstorm ways to improve it, and number each idea.
  • Third, plot each idea (its number and a brief description) on the Selection Matrix by using two criteria: (1) Control and (2) Positive Impact on Client Outcomes. For example, you might have sufficient or insufficient Control. If you have too little control over the idea, you need additional resources or authority. To the right of the midpoint on Control means you could take some action without additional resources or authority. If an idea is likely to have little impact on client outcomes, then it may not be worth the effort!
  • Fourth, create an Action Plan for those ideas you plotted in the Do it! square, and develop proposals for an idea or two in the Propose it! square.