Collaboration Resources

I'm teaching a seminar all day today in Chicago so I will be making today's entry a brief one. Before I head out the door, I'd like to introduce you to a document that can be incredibly useful in mapping out collaboration strategies. Many of you, particularly in the advocacy community are already familiar with Collaboration Math, from the Prevention Institute. For those of you who are new to the tool, though (particularly the nurses in the room) this remains a go-to document for me, and one I recommend to programs who face collaboration challenges in their communities. Quite frankly, even if you're not struggling with collaboration, it's a great resource.

From the site: "Collaboration Math is a tool intended to help organizations from diverse disciplines work together. It enables them to better understand each other's perspectives and to identify the strengths and gaps in their partnership. This tool is designed to eliminate misconceptions, clarify the benefits of collaboration, suggest what needs to be better understood or studied, and identify key players that may be missing."

Although the tool was developed with an eye toward prevention issues, it's utility is very broad. It also has the added benefit of being a very accessible document, with plenty of supporting information should you or other members of your community have questions about how it can be used. If you haven't spent any time with it, I highly recommend checking it out.