Clinical Update: STIs

So many of you have expressed frustration at trying to maintain clinical competency for you and your staff. With budget cuts and staffing constraints, traveling to conferences and courses can be a challenge. Providing our own clinical education is not only possible, though, it can be easy, low-tech and free. Over at the forensic healthcare blog today, you'll find a clinical guide I put together on STIs. It has multiple web sites for current information and images, and several ideas for using them at staff meetings or other professional gatherings.

Oh, yeah--and a little something at the end to make you laugh. Because it's Friday, and sometimes we have to do that.

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STI Intensive Training

One great training that is available for a relatively low cost is through the CDC's National Network of STD/HIV Prevention Training Centers. The US has various locations (see this link: In particular, the week long STI Intensive Training is a great training program. It is 50% classroom and 50% in the lab and working with patients in the clinic. The primary faculty in my area is from Johns Hopkins University, and many are leading researchers in STI. The cost is very reasonable, $250 for the Intensive training. The male and female examination classes are also a consideration for people who are having trouble gaining experience in exams. I highly recommend this to all our new examiners coming into our program.

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Thanks, Kim. I've actually taken their course before (albeit many years ago) and remember it being extremely valuable. Being immersed (so to speak) in STIs for a week is a great learning experience and I loved that it included the clinical piece, too.