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First off, I hope American readers had a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving holiday. Thanks for indulging me in a brief absence, but even compulsive multi-taskers like me have to turn off the computer and walk away every now and again.

If you have read this site for any period of time, you know how much I enjoy reading the Harvard Business Publishing blog. For those of you who enjoy it, as well, please check out their podcasts, available for free on iTunes. They have a substantial number on a variety of topics. Not everything will feel relevant, but they're definitely worth perusing. If you prefer video to audio, they have dozens of video podcasts, as well.

One housekeeping note: many of you who visit this site regularly also read the Forensic Healthcare Online blog. Just a quick note to mention that that site has now moved to an independently hosted site. Please reprogram your bookmarks to go to Although we haven't completely worked out the bugs related to forwarding the old site and adding some new content, the basics are there. Stay tuned for new features over the next couple weeks.